Man Guilty of Attempted Murder and Rape

Woman attacked in car in Leicester last summer.

A Lithuanian man's been found guilty of attempted murder and two counts of rape - after a woman was attacked in Leicester last July.

Arturas Ardavicius (26) of Bonchurch Street, Leicester is due to be sentenced in March.

A woman in her thirties was sexually assaulted in a car in Richard III Road in Leicester on Saturday 7 July 2012. The victim managed to escape.

Detective Constable Nikki McLatchie, the investigating officer from the Signal Team, said: "This is a good result and should send a positive message to other victims of sexual assault. 

Leicestershire Police takes all allegations of sexual assault seriously and we always investigate them thoroughly. This was a horrific assault and a very difficult and complex investigation and the victim showed commendable bravery. 

The victim, speaking after the trial, said: "I'm really pleased with the result of the trial, I hope he receives a lengthy custodial sentence so he can't do this to anybody else because he?s a dangerous man."