Man gets ASBO ban at railway

A man's been banned from an East Midlands Train Station for intimidating passengers and staff.

45 year old Desmond Lloyd Nelson of Prospect Hill in Leicester won't be allowed at Leicester train station for 2 years.

A court heard he persistently engaged in anti-social and unacceptable behaviour; by begging, being abusive to members of the public and rail staff and possession of drugs.

British Transport Police Sergeant Karen Barker said: "Nelson’s behaviour was not only unacceptable but intimidating towards passengers and rail staff, we will simply not tolerate this on the rail network.

"Those who expressed concern will now be able to travel and work at the station without fear of further nuisance and intimidation from him. Any breach of the conditions will be dealt with robustly.

Sgt Barker added: “This positive outcome has been achieved through over 18 months of evidence gathering by BTP Officers, rail staff and Leicester City Council’s anti-social behaviour unit”.

Daxa Pancholi heads up the anti-social behaviour unit at Leicester City Council: "We are really pleased that Mr Nelson has been dealt with and that commuters and members of the public will no longer have to suffer his unacceptable behaviour.

“The positive outcome was achieved through the hard work of the British Transport Police, the council's anti social behaviour unit and our other partners - it is fantastic when we can all work together and resolve situations such as this."

Under the terms of his anti-social behaviour order, Nelson has been prohibited from entering any Leicester railway station and the adjacent surrounding streets including Fox Street, London Road, Conduit Street and Andover Street