Man Calls 999 For Lift

5 May 2017, 11:15 | Updated: 5 May 2017, 11:29


Capital's been told that some people in the East Midlands are calling 999 for totally inappropriate reasons.

Like this man who called the emergency line because he wanted a lift to London to see his mate:


East Midlands Ambulance Service have told Capital that's one of a bunch of inapproriate 999 calls they've had.

Others include someone calling to check it was Monday and another wanting help to find the TV remote.

Call handlers take 2,000 calls every day.

EMAS (@EMASNHSTrust) will be tweeting this afternoon using #999wise to show what type of calls they get.

Simon Tomlinson is the General Manager for the Emergency Operations Centres in the East Midlands:

'When you call 999 because someone is unconscious, not breathing, having chest pains or has the symptoms of a stroke, you are making the right call.

'If you require information such as for a plumbing service, local chemist or your bank, you will receive the support you want more quickly if you contact them directly.

'Asking for a lift to London is not the right 999 call, someone in cardiac arrest is.'