Life In Prison For Shooting Murder

Gerald Breslin found guilty to the murder of Mark Shaw, who died on 21 August last year.

38 year old Breslin, of Winterton Rise in Bestwood had pleaded not guilty. He was today jailed for life.

24 year old Mark Shaw was found dead in the back garden of a property in Heatherington Gardens, Top Valley, having suffered a single gunshot wound to the head.

During a weeklong trial, prosecutors told how Breslin had been at Mark's flat and they had had a fall out. The shotgun was discharged in the area and Mark ran off to the house in Top Valley.

Breslin followed in his car, before entering the garden where his family and friends were gathered, and fired the gun at Mark.

Following a unanimous verdict from the jury at Nottingham Crown Court, Breslin was sentenced to life imprisonment and told he will serve a minimum of 32 years, for what Judge Michael Stokes QC described as a "cowardly and barbaric act."

Statement from Mark Shaw's Family:

 "The family would like to say a big thank you to Nottinghamshire Police and Mr Stuart Rafferty QC for the thorough and professional manner in which they have operated in securing this conviction and along with victim support, the way they have supported our family through extremely upsetting times.
"Although happy that justice has been seen to be served, nothing will compensate for a life without Mark, who was and always will be a much treasured father, son and brother.
"We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our family and friends who supported us in August and through this very difficult trial."

Statement from Police:

Detective Inspector Adrian Morgan said: "Gerald Breslin knew Mark, who was best friends with his nephew Thomas. They shared the same associates and lived close to each other.
"We do not know the motive for the murder, and while Breslin admitted having an unlicensed shotgun, his willingness to use it shows his complete disregard for those around him.
"Breslin didn't think about the consequences or the devastating impact his actions would have for Mark's family and friends.
"All those who knew and loved Mark now have to find ways to deal with their loss, knowing his life was ended abruptly and unnecessarily. Breslin has deprived Mark of any chance to see his three-year-old son grow up or to spend time with his family.
"The criminal use of firearms will not be tolerated in Nottinghamshire, and we will continue to take the toughest stance against anyone who carries and willingly uses them. Today's sentence reflects the severity in which offences of this kind are viewed and should send out a strong message to deter others.
"The use of firearms has caused a number of victim's families constant pain and suffering. Information from the public plays an influential part in removing weapons from the streets and getting those who think it is acceptable to carry them locked up. We would urge anyone with information about the use of firearms to contact us, to prevent others from losing loved ones."