Life for man who murdered ex boxer in Leicester

10 May 2013, 06:49 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A Leicester man's been jailed for life after a court found him guilty of killing a former Champion boxer.

Thomas Dunkley (pictured) has been described as deceitful, calculated and greedy. He stole more than 25 thousand pounds from Shaun Cummins after killing him and storing his body parts in freezers at his home.

29 year old Dunkley was told he'll serve at least 34 years, the Detective in charge of the investigation say it was one of the most harrowing murder cases he has dealt with.

A post mortem examination was carried out and it was not possible to determine a cause of death.


Superintendent Matt Hewson, the Senior Investigating Officer, said: 

'This has to be one of the most harrowing murder cases I have dealt with. No murder scene is a pleasant experience but to attend a property and be faced with this particular situation was horrific and disturbing for many involved in the investigation.

'Dunkley is a deceitful, calculated and greedy man. After murdering a man who was not able to fully defend himself, he then slept at his home with his body nearby and returned over a number of days deciding how to dispose of it and cover his tracks. He then insultingly used Shaun's own money, he was awarded following his terrible accident, to casually buy the equipment to dismember him.

'Dunkley had become frustrated as he did not appear to be compensated financially for helping Shaun and had increasing personal debt. He was not paid for his work and believed he would one day receive some payment or profit from a business venture with Shaun. It was known that Shaun was considered by some bitter since his accident and that Dunkley felt manipulated by Shaun but this in no way justified his murder or the disgraceful and disrespectful way his body was treated.

'This was a difficult and complex investigation and I am pleased that the hard work by all those involved contributed to the outcome today but saddened that Dunkley did not see fit to plead guilty and continued to lie throughout this trial.

'Shaun's family and friends have had to endure the unnecessary gruesome details of his death which I am sure it is not a memory they wanted to be left with of him. All I hope is that they now have some comfort that the man who killed Shaun is starting a prison sentence.'