Men Asked to Report Abuse

31 January 2014, 08:20 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Police in Leicestershire want men and boys to come forward when they've experienced sexual abuse.

In the past 12 months 141 offences of rape and sexual assault have been reported to officers, but research suggests abuse is under-reported.

Now, organisations including Leicestershire Police, First Step, Trade Sexual Health and Leicester LGBT Centre have joined together to urge victims to come forward and get help.

Detective Inspector Reme Gibson is from Leicestershire Police's Signal rape investigation team. 

She told Capital:

'Sexual abuse can damage the lives of men just as much as it can for women.

'Our message is to come forward. We and our partners can give you help and support, whether that is by seeking justice at court, offering you counselling, or just giving you an opportunity to tell your story.

'As a number of recent cases have highlighted, there is no time limit. We will give you a professional response no matter what the circumstances.'

Jon's Story

Jon was physically and sexually abused from the age of three to 16 by his older brother. 

Jon said:

'He controlled my whole childhood, and has stolen that part of my life away from me. I felt in constant fear. For years and years I had hidden everything I went through, I didn't tell anybody at all.

'When he got convicted of it, it gave me a lot of closure.

'Find somebody to talk to because you are not alone.'