Leicester Man Jailed For Kidnap And Sexual Assault Of A Boy

3 October 2014, 19:33 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A man from Leicester who kidnap and sexually assaulted a 12-year-old boy has been jailed for 6 years.

35-year-old Mohmed Irfan Bajiwala, of King Edward Road, Leicester, pleaded guilty to kidnap, two counts of sexual assault and one count of attempted sexual assault at an earlier hearing.

He will serve a total sentence of six years four months. When he is released from prison he will be on a seven year extended licence and the sex offenders register for life.

The first incident happened between February and March 2014 a 10-year-old boy was approached in Mornington Street while he was on his way home from school. Bajiwala again said he could not find his keys in his car and asked the boy to help him look. The victim was not assaulted in this incident.

On Sunday, March 30, 2014 at around 1.30pm in Constance Road. Bajiwala approached a 12-year-old boy and asked him to help search for his keys, which he said were inside his car. Once the boy was inside the car he was assaulted.

A further incident took place on Saturday, May 3, 2013 between 1.15pm and 1.45pm in the area of Heren Road. Following the assault Bajiwala drove the victim the short distance to the area of Hartington Road where he let the victim go.

Bajiwala was arrested at the end of May.

Detective Sergeant Dave Speight said: “Understandably, these incidents left the victim’s extremely upset and shaken.

“Bajiwala went out and purposely targeted young children on several occasions. By pleading guilty he spared the victims the ordeal of giving evidence in court.

“There is a possibility that there are other victims out there who have not come forward and spoken to police. I would encourage anyone who believes they, or a member of their family, have been a victim to come forward and contact us.

“It’s not always easy to come forward and report such crimes but please be assured that your concerns will be taken seriously. We have specialist officers and access to a number of agencies who can guide and support you throughout the process.”