Legal High Warning for East Midlands

Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Police have put out a warning about the dangers of so-called "legal highs" during the party season.

Two people were hospitalised in Derbyshire recently after taking "Ivory Wave" - a legal high which is sold as bath salts. Notts Police say mixing this with alcohol is very dangerous.

Detective Superintendent Terry Branson said: "Remember legal doesn't always mean legal, and legal certainly doesn't mean safe. The two clear messages that we have sent out previously still remain valid."

Police advice is:
* If you buy so-called 'legal highs', you do not really know what you are buying. The names and alleged contents are misleading. Many unscrupulous suppliers are putting illegal substances into packaging that is designed to make users think it is legal.
* These substances, whatever they are, will have different effects on each user. If they were safe manufacturers would not be hiding their use amongst such terms as plant food, novelty products and bath salts.