High Court Battle for King

13 March 2014, 07:15 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

The fight to keep King Richard III's remains in Leicester, where they were discovered, goes back to the High Court.

A judicial review will finally decide if his body stays in Leicester where it was found under a car park, or is taken to York Minster where his distant relatives want him.

65% of people Capital spoke to, want him to stay in Leicester, no-one wanted him to go to York and the rest weren't that bothered either way.

Leicester v York

The Plantagenet Alliance Ltd, formed by the distant relatives, are fighting for the remains to be buried at York Minster, claiming it was the king's wish.

They're bringing judicial review proceedings against Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, the University of Leicester and Leicester City Council.

Richard was killed at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, ending the Wars of the Roses and the Plantagenet dynasty, and his body was taken to Leicester by supporters of the victorious Henry VII and buried in Greyfriars church, now the site of the council car park.

Canon Mission Pete Hobson's from Leicester Cathedral:

'It's not as if the remains of a monach of England should be traipse around the country to the highest bidder.

'They should be laid to rest as close as possible to where they rested.'

Matthew Howarth, the partner and judicial review expert at Yorkshire law firm Gordons representing the alliance, said:

'Quite why our opponents have declined the obviously sensible option of independent adjudication, preferring to incur substantial legal costs, including for the taxpayer and tie up considerable court time, is inexplicable.'