Kegworth Air Disaster: 25 Years On

8 January 2014, 07:44 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

25 years ago today was one of Britain's worst plane crashes; the Kegworth air disaster.

47 people were killed and 74 others were seriously injured when the Boeing 737 came down onto the M1 embankment in Leicestershire.

Today, people will lay flowers at a memorial in Kegworth with survivors and relatives of those killed expected to be at St Andrew's Church.

Lesley Pendleton was there that night in 1989, the crash site was just 100 yards from her home:

'It's something that you want to forget but like everybody that was involved, those memories will never go away; you do remember the people that were involved.'

Reverend Gill Turner-Callis will lead the church service and told Capital it's something the families asked for:

'They want some place to come and remember those who have died and also to remember those who have survived and live with that memory.'