Gang Injunctions Don't Go Far Enough

From today gang members can be banned from wearing certain colours, walking aggressive dogs and going into rival territories.

New injunctions can be given to over 18's that are thought to be causing trouble - but an anti-gun group in the East Midlands isn't sure it'll work.

No Gun Organisation helps teenagers get out of gangs in Nottingham and it's hoping to work with more young people in Derby and Leicester over the next year - Clayton Byfield is the founder:

"They need to break down the gang culture from the street and if they think believe for one second a coloured bandana is going to stamp it out, they couldn't be more wrong."

'Take Them To a Morgue'

No Gun Organisation thinks one of the best ways to make gang members take a step back and think about what they're doing, is to send them to a morgue:

"Take them to a morgue and see what's delivered at the end of their action, how a family has been destroyed, how a life is lost."

The gang injunctions, which are similar to Asbo's, have been around in the US since the 1980's.

Check out No Gun Organisation's website here.