Gamers Suffer Visual Illusions

20 January 2014, 09:12 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Capital's been told gamers could experience visual illusions if they play a computer game for a 'prolonged' period of time.

Experts at the University of Nottingham call it ‘Game Transfer Phenomena’ (GTP)

The research showed how some gamers reported distorted versions of real world surroundings, others saw video game images and misinterpreted real life objects after they had stopped playing.

Gamers also reported seeing video game menus popping up in front their eyes when they were in a conversation, or saw coloured images and ‘heads up’ displays when driving on the motorway.

Ben is a 22 year old gamer from Nottingham and says he had something similar when he played racing games a lot:

'It was a bit weird because I was playing it so much I actually used to have dreams about it, which is a bit strange.

'I was also asked by a driving instructor once if I'd been playing lots of racing games because I'd been driving pretty quickly when I had my lessons'.

Craig's a 22 year old gamer from Nottingham:

'I think in some cases it could be true.

'For example you've been playing all day and then you went to do something in your day-to-day life, your life could get blurred between the reality and the game.'

'GTP short-lived'

The researchers point out that the data was collected in online video game forums, and therefore, the psychological profile of the gamers in the study is unknown. However, different gamers reported similar experiences in the same games.

Professor Griffiths said:

'Some gamers may be more susceptible than others to experience GTP. The effects of these experiences appear to be short-lived, but some gamers experience them recurrently.

'More research is needed to understand the cognitive and psychological implications of GTP.'