Filming M1 Crash 'Appalling'

Capital's been told by police and doctors that it's very disrespectful that drivers are taking photos and videos of road crashes and putting them on social networking sites.

People were seen hanging out of their lorries and cars taking footage of the M1 pile-up on the Nottinghamshire-Derbyshire yesterday.

DCI Andrew Hall is the head of Road Crime for Notts Police and told us this happens quite often:

'Drivers of HGV's and of smaller cars physically leaning out of their windows with their phones on camera mode or indeed cameras themselves trying to take photographs.

'You can imagine the dangers that that presents, not least the potential for further crashes.'

EMICS doctor Nick Foster helped treat one of the lorry drivers and says its totally disrespectful:

'Some of these people are very sick, some of these people could potenatially die and yet this is being recorded purely for entertainment purposes'.

Four lorries were involved in the crash just north of Trowell Services, two drivers were cut free from their cabs, both are being treated at the QMC hospital, one is in a serious condition.

The northbound part of the motorway, between junctions 25 and 26, was closed for more than 12 hours.

Police and Doctor on Filming: M1 Crash


One line of enquiry that police are looking into, is that a small red car with a faulty rear light may have prompted an HGV to brake suddenly, leading to a collision involving four lorries close to Trowell service station at around 3.15am.

There was dense fog at the time of the collision and visibility was poor, DCI Andrew Hall told Capital that "without a doubt" the weather conditions would've played a part in the crash.

Another driver was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Doctor and Police on Fog: M1 Crash