Finger Print Tech Helps Police

19 July 2011, 06:00 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A new mobile finger print device for the police force has been invented by East Midland's Deputy Chief Constable.

DCC Peter Goodman who has been working with this technology for three years has created a machine which allows the police to check the identity of people who are suspects of crime against information from the national fingerprint database.

One of the biggest benefits of this device is that it can do the same job that used to take officers 4 to 6 hours in just 40 seconds, allowing more time for police on the streets.

Peter Goodman said: "Probably most important of all, it means that one of the most powerful weapons that criminals have which is the ability to hide their identity, is no longer available to them."

This idea came about after several police officers said that jobs such as street checks were just too time consuming.

The machine is already being used by 24 police forces, including Derbyshire.

Goodman is confident that it will soon be used across every Police force: "I am absolutely convinced that when they see it out there working, saving time, keeping officers on the street, bringing more offenders to justice, every individual force in the country will buy it, and in three to four years, this will be a piece of kit that every officer will have on their belt."