EMA Show Off Wind Turbines

East Midlands Airport (EMA) is the first UK airport to use wind turbines to make energy.

No other airport in our country has managed to generate it's own energy from wind power. EMA said back in December 2006 they wanted to make ground operations carbon neutral by 2012.

The turbines measure 45 metres including the rotor blades, which have a radius of 15 metres and will generate 5% of the airport's electricity, enough to power 150 houses.

Electricity will be generated from winds as low as four metres per second and over a year the turbines are expected to produce a carbon saving of approximately 300 tonnes.

Neil Robinson, Director of Sustainability East Midlands Airport said:

"We are delighted that the turbines are now in situ and we are looking forward to seeing them generate power for the airport. The turbines will be installed for 20 years and we see it as a significant investment for the airport and the environment."