East Mids Uni Tuition Fees

5 April 2011, 06:20 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

In the last week, we've heard how much two of our region's universities are planning to charge in tuition fees.

Loughborough University
Loughborough University is proposing to set a tuition fee of £9,000 a year for full-time Home and EU undergraduate students starting their degree programmes in 2012.

The uni say they also want to help students financially, with £2million available in 2012-13 and £7million a year by 2015-16.

For students from less well-off backgrounds, £3,000 of financial help will be available for each year of study. This includes an accommodation discount of £1,000 a year.

The Vice Chancellor of Loughborough University, Professor Shirley Pearce, said:

"The Loughborough Student Experience, which has topped the national league table every year since the poll began, equips our students and graduates for every aspect of their life and career.

"This will not be 'additional' income. We do believe, however, that a fee of £9,000 will help us to enhance still further the high quality of education and experience we offer Loughborough students. The support package we have outlined will also ensure that qualified students have the opportunity to study at Loughborough, irrespective of their background or their ability to pay."

Derby University
Derby University want to bring in a sliding scale of course prices, with signature courses costing £7,995, resource Intensive courses costing £7,495 and classroom based courses costing £6,995.

The Uni says 80% of their courses will cost less than £7,500 a year.

The University will be seeking to reserve the right to introduce a further category should circumstances warrant it. This would be for a Premium category that would be appropriate for programmes that were very distinctive, high cost and unique to Derby, these would charge annual fees of £9,000. At the moment there are no courses at this price.

Professor John Coyne, University of Derby Vice-Chancellor, said:

"Our key message is that this University will ensure students know exactly what they are paying for and deliver it.

"We are a high quality University with an excellent track record. We are one of the success stories of the sector currently and enjoying unprecedented popularity. We have done this by focussing upon our students and see no need to change emphasis. We believe in setting good value and fair fees for students and this will continue."