Drunk People Slowing Ambulances Up

Capital's been told people being sick through drink in ambulances are stopping the vehicles from being on the road.

Capital's been told that drunk people being sick in ambulance's puts the vehicles out of action for more than an hour - while they get cleaned out.

We've been speaking to the Medical Director from the East Midlands Ambulance Service Dr James Gray:

"Our average job cycle time is 80 minutes, if it takes that time to clean an ambulance, thats one more patient where there wasn't an ambulance available"

It comes as David Cameron announces he wants to cut down on binge drinking throughout the UK - and has confirmed he'll look at alcohol prices - because he believes the problem is partially down to discounted booze in shops and supermarkets.

He's also announced he's going to look at American-style Drunk Tanks - which are mobile cells - used in towns and cities for people to go into to sober up in.

But Dr Gray wants to make sure if they DO get used - people still get the right medical treatment

"Just because someone has drunk to excess, doesn't mean they're not in need of appropriate healthcare. It is our job to look after them, and what we don't want to see is any initiative that ends up with people being harmed because there is a lack of appropriate healthcare"

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