Dodgy Fireworks Warning

Leicestershire Police: do NOT buy illegal fireworks out the back of vans - injury risk.

Police trying to stop people from getting hurt from fireworks say they're worried about youngsters buying illegal goods. They had several reports last year of people selling old/illegal fireworks out the back of vans - so this year they're warning teenagers not to take the risk - as the fireworks could go off at any time and cause some serious injuries.

Detective Constable Dell Gillespie is from the Arson Task Force:

"Whilst there are many reputable dealers out there, there are a small number of criminals who are planning to sell old or damaged stock at rock bottom prices. Licensed fireworks dealers never sell from vans. It might be tempting to buy cheap stock, but please don't take the risk."

Crew Manager Craig Hallam, from Leicestershire Fire Service: "Fireworks can burn at heats of up to 1,600°C, hot enough to burn through your hand. Any compromise in the structure or content of firework can make them extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Always buy fireworks from licensed dealers which meet British Standard BS 7114.