Dodgy Drink In Notts

15 September 2011, 07:05 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Trading Standard's has told Capital they're investigating more cases of fake alcohol in Nottinghamshire.

Recently, officers say they've had a spate of complaints about counterfeit vodka and wine, including 40 bottles of fake Jacobs Creek.

Nottinghamshire County Council isn't entirely sure why they're seeing an increase in cases but think it may be down to people trying to make money during the recession.

Shops are being told to make sure they get their alcohol from reputable suppliers so the products are genuine.

Drink Danger
Trading Standards say the problem with counterfeit alcohol is that you don't know what you're drinking, Team Manager Sarah Houlton:

"With legitimate alcohol they've got tight controls on the recipes on what's going into it and the alcohol content and ingredients.

"With fake alcohol you just really don't know, there aren't the batch numbers and the traceability you can get, so really it's a bit of lottery.

"In some cases around the country they've found an alcohol that comes from a cleaning fluid rather than proper agricultural source alcohol, it's not really something you want to be drinking."

Protect Yourself
You can look out for signs that alcohol might not be right, Trading Standards recommend looking for spelling mistakes on the labels and making sure the 'tops' look right.

Trading Standards would welcome any information about dodgy drink.