Derbyshire Police Inundated With Calls After 'Sonic Boom'

27 June 2019, 11:23 | Updated: 27 June 2019, 11:25

RAF Fighter

A loud bang reported by several residents of Derby on social media has been linked to the unscheduled landing of the Air India Boeing 777 flight at Stansted.

The noise was believed to be a sonic boom caused by the two RAF jets escorting the plane into the airport.

Residents first reported hearing the noise just after 10am today.

Essex Police said an aircraft has been diverted to Stansted Airport on Thursday morning after a "security alert".

A statement said: "An aircraft was diverted to #Stansted Airport at around 9.50am today (Thursday 27 June) following reports of a security alert. The plane is currently at the airport and officers are making enquiries."

Stansted Airport said its runway had now re-opened after the emergency landing.

In a statement posted to Twitter it said: "An Air India Boeing 777 diverted into London Stansted Airport at approximately 10.15hrs and landed safely with Essex Police in attendance. It is parked on an isolated stand away from the normal airport operations.

"Our runway has now re-opened and is fully operational. We are very sorry for any delays and disruption caused by the incident, but our first priority is always the safety of passengers and staff. Thank you for your patience."