Derby Cats Rescue Takes In Stowaway On Plane

7 October 2015, 06:27 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Cairo the cat

A stowaway kitten which arrived in Britain in the cargo hold of an Emirates jet will be taken in by a Derby cats home.

The well-travelled cat was given the name Cairo in late August after being found at Birmingham Airport in a shipment originating in Egypt.

Staff at Solihull Council then managed to secure a place for the kitten at Derby-based Lina's Cat Rescue, saving the animal from the prospect of being put to sleep.

The animal charity had offered to pay £1,000 for Cairo's quarantine but Emirates have now stepped in to foot the bill.

The cat has been declared rabies-free, although she faces a further three months of monitoring to ensure she has no other diseases before being found a permanent home.

Sheryl Leonardi, the founder of Lina's Cat Rescue, a non-profit-making network of volunteers, said: ``We have a strict 'No Kill' policy for healthy cats and when contacted by Solihull Council we were happy to take on the responsibility for all her costs.

``We are so grateful to Emirates for offering to fund her quarantine period, which means this money can now be spent on other needy cats in our care.

``As a small group of volunteers totally funded from donations and fundraising events, their generosity is extremely welcome.''

Solihull Council public protection officer Esther Atkins said: ``A colleague told me what was going on and I knew that if we didn't do something fast the kitten would be put down.

``As an animal lover I couldn't let that happen and so I got in contact with a cat rescue centre near the quarantine facility.

``I'm so glad we've been able to save Cairo and I'm sure someone will come forward to home her once the full quarantine period is over.''