Dad Of Missing Man Wants Answers

The dad of a man who disappeared in Austria seven months ago has told Capital he's going to make an official complaint about the investigation

A desperate father from Nottinghamshire whose son disappeared abroad seven months ago has told of his frustration over the police investigation.

Christopher James Miles, known as CJ, vanished while working in the tourist industry in Austria last July.

Nick Palmer Miles from Langar is now flying out there to make an official complaint against the investigation. Nick claims the police have dismissed CJ's case as suicide, without any evidence to suggest this is what happened.

Nick told Capital how CJ was diagnosed as being Bi-polar, and was given three different medications from three separate doctors; causing a change in his behaviour.

Last August Nick went to Austria to speak to police, spending a month in the country looking for answers, and has set up a Facebook page called CJ Is Missing Please Help which has now attracted more than 5,000 members.

But Mr Palmer-Miles felt the police had not done everything they could to help find his son, saying:

"It's such a frustrating situation at the moment because there's loads of questions to be answered.

"The police have said they have done everything. But CJ has got 50-60 friends over there who he has lived with for about five years and the police did not interview one of those people."

Click here to listen to Nick talking about his son CJ

Last known movements

The 29-year-old, who lived in Zell am See, was last seen in Ruhpolding, Germany, at noon on July 31.

He was due to return to Zell am See, some 47 miles (75km) away, but has not been heard from since. 

He was last seen in Ruhpolding, walking away from his van, wearing blue check shorts and a yellow T-shirt, having dropped two guests off at their destination.

Description Of CJ

  • 5ft 8in
  • average build
  • dark hair
  • tanned facial complexion


A Facebook page has been set up by Nick - entitled "CJ is missing - please help". On there are also contact details if anyone knows anything.