Cyber Monday: Staying Safe

1 December 2014, 07:41 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

£650m is expected to be spent online in the next 24 hours in what's being called Cyber Monday, another day that's come from the States, like Black Friday.

This, as Leicestershire Police tell Capital there are gangs, across the world, that sell cyber crime to criminals and we need to protect ourselves when we shop online this Christmas.

Detective Inspector Andy Parks:

'You can buy a system that sends 30 millions span emails, there are a lot of victims out there.

'One of the challenges we've got is that people are doing this all over the world and the more information we can gather, the more we can do to track down and arrest some of these people.'

How to stay safe shopping online
Detective Inspector Andy Parks

60% of shoppers Capital spoke to in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby told us they feel safe online.
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