Congested East Mids Cities

3 June 2014, 07:19 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Researchers reckon drivers have been stuck in traffic jams for the equivalent of three days in Nottingham.

New research has revealed that Nottingham is now the UK's tenth most congested city, with delays in traffic now amounting to more than three days across the year.

The East Midlands next most congested city was Leicester, which just escaped the top 10 but came in at number 11 across all UK cities but saw one of the biggest increases in congestion.

The findings are published in TomTom's 4th annual global traffic index. It compares travel times during non-congested hours with travel times in peak hours.

1 Belfast
2 London
3 Edinburgh
4 Bristol
5 Brighton and Hove
6 Manchester
7 Leeds
8 Sheffield
9 Liverpool
10 Nottingham
11 Leicester

Cutting Congestion in Nottingham

Councillor Jane Urquhart is in charge of Nottingham's roads and told their focus is cutting congestion but there will be traffic jams while they sort the roads out:

'Lots of that work, in a years time, will of course be done. We'll have two more lines of a tram up and running, taking people to the QMC, taking people to the university and therefore more people able to leave their cars at home.

'That's why we're building two more tram lines, that's why we invested in our railway station so heavily because we know that transport is so important.

'Congestion costs our city's economy £160 million pounds a year in lost time, we know we have to deal with it and tackle it.'