Capital On Police Patrol

26 August 2011, 13:04 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

After another record breaking year of GCSE results, police in Derby were ready for teenagers to be either celebrating or commiserating.

Capital went out with officers to see how they deal with underage drinkers, who may have been out partying.

PC Becky Turner and PC Saj Hussain took us to the areas that are notorious for trouble. They said that the groups they usually see when they're out are aged anywhere between 13 and their late teens.

PC Hussain said they look for signs of drinking in the kids that they come across:

"We look at, are they engaging with us, are they speaking with us, is their speech slurred, are they staggering."

Listen to Derby Police on patrol

Last night the officers said they were surprised that there weren't many teenagers out and they may've been saving themselves for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Everyone the officers spoke to were behaving.

PC Becky Turner told us they usually see groups of children out drinking near parks and outside shops or off-licences:

"As soon as they see us they run off onto the park, but as you can see there's no sign of even anyone drinking, no empty bottles, cans."