Big Easter Getaway: East Mids

3 April 2015, 08:23 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Going away for Easter? The big getaway is expected to peak at 10am this morning!

Drivers planning a trip by car are expected to travel an average of 42 miles in the East Midlands.

As you might expect, the A453, M1 and A52 are likely to be really busy.

Nick Reid is from Green Flag in the Midlands:

'We're expecting peak times to be around 11 thirty this morning.

'We love a lie in when we've got a bit of holiday.

'If you're travelling, try and get on the road by 9am and have your journey completed by 10 o'clock.'

Ian Crowder is from the AA in the East Mids:

'We're expecting the A52 from the M1 to junction 25 all to be busy, especially during the afternoon.'

Jet Setters

50,000 passengers are going to be heading in and out of East Midlands Airport this Easter weekend, an increase on last year.

Top destinations include Alicante, Málaga, Tenerife and Faro.