Man Auctions Himself on eBay

6 January 2015, 07:22 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A Derbyshire man, left by his fiancé weeks before the wedding, is auctioning his honeymoon and HIMSELF on eBay.

32-year-old John Whitbread can't get a refund for the trip to the Caribbean so he's decided to take someone else instead.

John's written on eBay:

'I'm sure now you're wondering why I'm in this position? My ex-fiancee had decided that she doesn't love me anymore, so I can only respect her honesty, I'm not bitter and you just have to move on with life.

'I've worked hard for this holiday and hate to see money go to waste.'

So far, he's had 46 bids, the most £1,131.