Armed Robber Threatens Dad and Daughter

Nottingham man wants knife offender caught - so he doesn't target anyone else.

A Nottingham man who had a carving knife held to his stomach during a robbery in his own home has told Capital it's really important the robber gets caught - because he's worried it could happen to someone else.

John and his daughter Mandy - who is in a wheelchair because she has Spina Bifida - were targeted in their home in the Whitemoor area of the city on Friday around 9pm.

They were threatened and left very shaken - but not hurt during the incident - where the masked man got away with a phone and cash.

John believes he was lucky he wasn't injured - and is worried if the robber targets more people - then they may not be as lucky as he was.

He said it's also impacted on his daughter "Mandy used to enjoy going out but is very wary now following what happened - she's scared something is going to happen to her. Money and phones can be replaced; I would like him to be caught to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else"