5,000 Jobs To Be Created

Plans for the redevelopment of the Broadmarsh shopping centre have been updated in a bid to renew planning consent.

Planning permission for the redevelopment of the Broadmarsh has already been granted, and owners Westfield have been working closely with the Nottingham City Council to revise the illustrative plans and create a modern and contemporary scheme fitting for its critical location as the gateway to Nottingham.

Whilst the core components of the scheme (including the provision of two new department stores, high quality dining offer, new transport hub and infrastructure improvements) have not changed, Westfield has been consulting the council on a series of revisions to enhance the connections with the city, create greater open spaces and ensure the development is in-keeping with the urban grain of the city centre.

BROADMARSH-3Peter Miller, Chief Operating Officer at Westfield, said: "It was with great frustration that we had to stall the major scheme during the last few years of economic crisis, however with renewed demand and impetus from retailers seeking quality space in Nottingham, we look forward to taking the scheme forward. This scheme is vital to unlocking the regeneration of the South side and will provide a catalyst for further investment in this important gateway to the city."
Councillor Graham Chapman, Deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council, said: "We are pleased that Westfield are showing such commitment to the city by submitting a scheme at this stage of the economic cycle. They have put a great deal of effort and ingenuity into the scheme. It illustrates how attractive Nottingham still is for investors."

Westfield is currently undertaking phase one of the redevelopment with a £40 million repositioning of the existing centre. Leading international brands Hollister and Cult have already signed up to take BROADMARSH-1large new units. The majority of the newly configured space is due to open by Christmas this year and the remaining balance by next spring.

The revised illustrative plans for the major redevelopment will be on display at a three day exhibition at the Broadmarsh on 24th to the 27th March. Members of the Westfield team will be on hand to answer questions and explain the improvements in more detail.


Photos - top to bottom:

Top: new Listergate - a completely uncovered open mall – this angle is from around where Boots and the old HMV is, looking south towards one of the new department stores at the end.

Middle: Sussex Street; a new street connecting the train station and Loxley House with Nottingham Contemporary and the Lace Market. Below the tram lines are smaller units which will potentially be for new start up businesses

Bottom: new east west route which is part of the mall linking a new public square (Carrington Square) at the southern end of Listergate and the northern end of Carrington Street where the two meet.