10 Year Olds Caught With Weapons

Special Investigation

Capital's found out that children as young as 10 were caught carrying weapons in the East Midlands last year.

But the number of under 16's found with things like knives in Nottingham - Leicester and Derby - has dropped by more than a third in 2 years.

We asked all our police forces for details on how many young people they'd arrested, and what sort of weapons they were caught with.

The majority of weapons that were listed were knives - but others included BB Guns, Air Guns, and knuckledusters.

Capital spoke to a group of young men who used to carry weapons - but no longer do - we wanted to know why youngsters are going out armed.

"I used to carry knives with me all the time - I think mainly it was for protection, but there was a bit of status behind it - but once I got my head clear, I put it down.....If you carry a knife or weapon - somebody with the same motive as you is likely to target you. But if you don't carry a knife or weapon, you won't be involved in that life - so you'll be safer without one, than with one"

They also talked about about their regret.

One of the lads had spent time in jail "you lose out on a lot - and it doesnt just involve you. Every day you are in jail that's a bad day for your mum, and family. And if it does get as far as you doing something to someone - thats their family in a bit of a mess as well - so it's not really worth it"