There's hope for the future

Ahead of National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), and in light of the Government's recent pledge to support Apprenticeships, a survey conducted by national training provider Lifetime today reveals that over half of Birmingham's unemployed 16 - 18 year olds are turning to Apprenticeships to get them on to the career ladder.

Over half of those polled revealed that education alone is simply not enough to prepare them for the working world, admitting they would benefit from learning further skills in order to secure a job.

The survey, which questioned unemployed youths across the country about their outlook on future career opportunities, found that  78 per cent of 16-18 year olds in Birmingham believe there are simply no jobs out there for their age group with a further 89 per cent admitting they are worried about the high unemployment rates in their local area.

Nigel Wallace, Director of Training at Lifetime, which delivers leisure training in Birmingham comments: "Although the unemployment  figures certainly look bleak, the future does not need to be so daunting for young people in Birmingham. There are increasing numbers of alternative options out there to help individuals gain skills needed to kick start their careers, such as Government funded Apprenticeship programmes. Not only can these programmes arm young learners with sector specific knowledge, but they will also gain interpersonal qualities and professional maturity."

Despite the obvious benefits of Apprenticeships, half of Birmingham's 16 - 18 year olds revealed they have never been informed of Apprenticeships as a viable career option. Wallace confirms: "It is vital that young people have a clear understanding of their career options and it is the responsibility of training providers and educators to advise and reassure individuals, enabling them to make fully informed decisions about their futures."

To speak with a career advisor, and to access a career pack including tips on how to get a job in the leisure industry, please phone Lifetime's career hotline on 0845 123 8515 or visit