Tackling Prostitution in Birmingham

Capital has been given special access to a West Midlands Police Operation tackling street prostitution.

Operation Scarlet has been launched in Birmingham after a successful trial in Coventry.

It will see officers from Ladywood and Edgbaston combat issues along the Hagley Road corridor this summer.

The zero tolerance approach started in May and has seen 25 kerb crawlers interviewed at the road side.

Laura Safe out with WM Police

Kerb Crawlers are encouraged to attend a new rehab course to get them to stop targeting the vulnerable and change their abusive behaviour.

The hard hitting course costs £250 and the money goes to local community groups in the areas effected.

So far 39 cautions have been issued to sex workers and 7 arrests have been made.

Under the new scheme, those cautioned 3 times are taken to court where engagement support orders are considered. They can make sure sex workers have to liaise with police, health and education services.