Capital Survey: Teenagers Feel Pressure To Perform On Social Media

19 July 2017, 06:18 | Updated: 19 July 2017, 17:13

Social Media Bullying

Almost half of young people have been threatened online with more than half being the victim of false rumours.

Recent stats from BullyingUK shows 76% of young people believe people who bully do it to impress others.

Students at Bishop's Walsh Catholic School in Sutton Coldfield told us popularity's judged on how many Instagram and Snapchat followers they have:

Many of those we spoke to talked about pressure coming from celebrities and other accounts that portray a certain high-flying lifestyle online. We caught up with singer Anne-Marie and the boys from The Vamps about how their position in the public eye and online impacts their followers:

Amelia Goodhead runs a YouTube channel in the West Midlands. Her audience includes a number of younger girls and she told Capital she wasn't surprised by the results. 

She says she's had young people tell her how they'll take down pictures they post if they don't get enough likes because of that pressure to have a big following: