So-Called Legal Highs Become ILLEGAL From Today

26 May 2016, 12:31 | Updated: 26 May 2016, 17:29

legal highs

From today, it is illegal to produce, distribute or sell the new psychoactive susbstances

New rules to outlaw so-called "legal highs" come into force today.

It means a blanket ban on the production, distribution and supply of psychoactive substances.

Police now have the power to shut down shops selling them and there are tougher sentences of up to seven years for offenders.

But the impact of banning the supply isn't certain.

Capital's Amy Stubbs has been investigating more on today's legislation...

This change in legislation not only affects users and sellers of new psychoactive substances - it should also make a change to the way emergency services operate.

Mike Duggan from West Midlands Ambulances Service tells Capital it should ease the pressure on them.

They've seen a surge in people taking the substances not only during the night, but also in the middle of the day because of how accessible they are.

Former addict Simon now volunteers at SUIT in Wolverhampton - he used to work in a legal highs shop.

Sunny Dhadley who runs recovery service SUIT in Wolverhampton says he's not sure what impact this law will have on users.