Potential sex offenders targeted with poster campaign

A new poster campaign is being rolled out across The West Midlands with the message that there is 'no excuse' for rape.

The campaign is being launched to coincide with a traditional increase in cases, as the nights become darker, new students start university and the Christmas party season starts. 

There an average of 40 reported serious sexual offences each week in The West Midlands, over half are committed by an attacker who knows the victim, but has not previously been in an intimate relationship with them.

Backing the campaign is rape victim 'Louise', who's name has been hanged to protect her identity. She met a man in a Walsall club  and he later raped her in a park before acting as if nothing had happened. Click on the link to the right to hear her speaking to Heart

 Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Hyde from West Midlands Police said "Much of the time offenders don't even realise what they've done is a crime and are almost delusional about what has happened. They think that because their victim didn't say no, or didn't physically resist the attack, that they are therefore consenting to sex, but that is absolutely no excuse."

He added " The aim of our campaign is to highlight the consequences of this type of crime, such as lengthy prison sentences, the restrictions on future job opportunities and overseas travel, as well as the shame of friends and family on discovering that you are a sex offender.'

If you've been the victim of a sexual assault or rape you don't have to speak to police. You can contact The Rowan Center by CLICKING HEREor calling 0500 822 391.