Police Arrest More Than A Hundred In Walsall In Crime Crackdown

21 December 2018, 12:40

Handcuffs 244

Over a hundred people have been arrested in Walsall over a period of three months, as police crack down on a series of crimes.

Operation Focus was launched at the beginning of October targeting high crime locations and offenders within those areas.

Officers focused on burglary, violence, vehicle crime and domestic abuse related offences.

Of the 114 people arrested, 69 were made linked to burglary and 25 were linked to domestic abuse.

West Midlands Police say a number of those arrested have been charged, with several remanded in custody awaiting trial.

Chief Inspector Sallie Churchill, from Walsall Police, said: "These results are impressive; but we remain committed to tackling these issues and areas suffering from high crime.

"The targeted work has already had an impact on local criminals and our robust offender management is also key to the success of this operation. We’re sending Christmas cards to all our local offenders encouraging them

to stay away from crime over the seasonal period.

"The cards are a reminder that if they can be tempted to seize on this opportunity, we are here to support them in their efforts to move away from crime.

"If they do not seek to change their ways and take the help offered to them they could face Christmas in custody.

"We remain focused on reducing crime in Walsall and providing reassurance to our local communities."