Penguins in Birmingham Give Their World Cup Predictions

11 June 2014, 07:24 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Birmingham's newest residents at the sealife centre in Birmingham have been predicting the results of the world cup games.

The centre's Gentoo penguins have been busy examining the country's flags for each head-to-head game and choosing which they think represents the winning team by hopping onto the rock it is leant against.

When they're unable to choose an out and out winner, they've scrambled onto the middle ground of the 'draw' rock instead.

James Robson, curator at The National Sea Life Centre explains: "Our Gentoos are really enthusiastic and love playing new games so have quickly got into the spirit of choosing the winning flags.

"Alf, one of the oldest penguins and the self-appointed head of the colony, has been leading the predictions, with a little help from his long-term partner, Lolly, and his new girlfriend, Ginny. Surprisingly the two girls have agreed on the predictions when they're rivals in everything else!"

The trio's prediction for the first game of the competition, Brazil vs Croatia on 12th June, is a win for the hosts, Brazil. In England's first group game against Italy on 14th June, Alf predicts a draw for the European head-to-head.