New Year's Eve Appeal Two Years After Birmingham Attack

30 December 2016, 08:59 | Updated: 30 December 2016, 10:03

Jason Webb

The family of a man left brain damaged following a savage street attack after a New Year’s Eve party in Birmingham say they need justice.

Jason Webb was left in a coma and fighting for his life after he was repeatedly kicked in the head following a dispute in Kernthorpe Road, Kings Heath on 1 January 2015.

But the 30-year-old’s attackers are still at large despite a large-scale policing operation.

Following the assault, Jason suffered devastating neurological injuries, meaning he has difficulty communicating with his family and requires round the clock medical care.

Detectives believe information from within the local community is the key to solving the case.


Jason ’s relatives have bravely spoken out, appealing directly to the person responsible to search their conscience, do the right thing and come forward, so they can move on with their lives.

His Auntie, Jackie said: "As a mother, I struggle to understand how the mother of the people responsible can live their life knowing what they have done to Jason and not feel any sense of shame or guilt. I would beg them to do the right thing so we can find some justice and peace for Jason .

“Jason is a fun loving uncle who is adored by his niece and nephew and they still find it difficult to understand that their uncle will never be able to play with them again.

“We want Jason to keep some of his dignity so we don’t want to go into detail how his life is now, but we will say this: His life will never be the same. Potentially he will struggle to walk again and have difficulty in communicating and he is partially blind in one eye and his hearing is impaired. This is extremely upsetting for Jason and for all his family and friends."

Jackie, adds: “The toll this has taken on the family is hard to express. Jason’s mum’s health has deteriorated, she is reluctant to leave her home at times and worries that when the phone rings it is bad news about Jason.

“She is afraid for her family and no one should live like this. We are sure that people know who assaulted Jason and we want them to search their hearts and come forward, phone the police with information, and let us finally be able to live again."

Jason Webb

Detective Inspector Jim Munro , from Force CID, said: “We understand the devastating impact this assault has had on Jason and his family and we are still actively investigating the attack.

“Our enquiries have been extensive but we still need people to come forward and tell us exactly what happened that night. We believe he was attacked in the street and left there until he was found by passers-by the next morning at around 8am.

“They may be afraid but I can reassure them that we will ensure that they are dealt with confidentially. For Jason and for his family, please do the right thing and come forward."