Meningitis warning to Birmingham students in freshers week

As the new University term starts, students are being urged to make sure they know the symptoms of meningitis, so they could potentially save the life of a mate.

Nearly 4 thousand people get the disease every year, around 300 dying as a result. The deadly disease which strikes without warning leaves 1 in ten dead, with a quarter of survivors left with life altering after effects ranging from deafness, to brain damage and loss of limbs.

At the moment there is no vaccine for Meningitis B which is the cause of the majority of cases in the UK.

16-25 year olds are the second most at risk group to young children and there is particular risk with students who tend to live in highly populated housing. The early symptoms are also similar to those of a hangover.

You can check out a full list of meningitis symptoms by CLICKING HERE.