Knife Crime Campaign Launched By Birmingham Stab Victim

7 July 2017, 09:08 | Updated: 7 July 2017, 09:16

Will flint birmingham

A Birmingham bodybuilder - stabbed 12 times on New Year's Day - has made a video about his attack.

Will Flint needed 60 stitches and suffered a collapsed lung after being attacked when trying to stop a man hurting a woman while he was at a cashpoint.

He's launched a new campaign called Drop The Knife with a video showing what happened to him and his road to recovery over the past 6 months. The 28-year-old told Capital he's planning on getting the film shown in schools and introducing self-defence classes in schools too against knife attacks.

See the full video here.

The attack also left Will with anxiety and flashbacks.

James Harris is from The Mental Health Foundation who have been working with Will on dealing with things like PTSD and depression. He says it's really important to get the message out there to get support if you need it.