Flights Resume At Birmingham Airport After Earlier Suspension

24 December 2018, 07:06 | Updated: 24 December 2018, 07:09

Birmingham Airport

Flights arriving and departing from Birmingham Airport have resumed after they were suspended for around two hours.

Passengers are being told to check with airlines for the latest information about their flight.

A spokesperson for the airport earlier apologised for the delay and blamed an air traffic control issue.

One plane travelling from Amsterdam to Birmingham was forced to circle above the runway, and ran at least an hour delayed.

Other flights were diverted to Manchester and East Midlands Airports, according to FlightRadar24.

Passengers complained about the disruption, one writing on Twitter: "A cancelled flight yesterday and now no chance of getting on our alternative option as Birmingham Airport is closed due to technical difficulties. Merry Christmas."

But some saw the the positive side, one saying: "Fortunately I had just ordered churros when they announced that air traffic control was down and all the flights grounded, so at least I'll have those to distract me from being stuck in Birmingham Airport."

A spokesperson confirmed the issue had been fixed and apologised to passengers.

It comes days after mass disruption at Gatwick Airport, which was brought to a standstill for days by reports of the illegal use of a drone.