Family Pay Tribute To Black Country Victims Of Tunisia Attack

1 July 2015, 15:10 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Evans/Richards Family - Tunisia Victims

The family of three Black Country men killed in Tunisia have paid tribute to them, saying they are heartbroken.

Three members of the same family were killed when the gunman opened fire on the beach on Friday.  Patrick Evans, Adrian Evans and Joel Richards were Walsall Football fans and had been on a boys holiday together.

Evans/Richards Family - Tunisia Victims

Suzanne Richards has released the following statement on behalf of the whole family:

"We are a very small and normal family, but nothing will ever be normal again. My son Joel, dad Pat and brother Adrian were our rocks and we are all heartbroken and devastated and will never get over losing them.

"They were so close that even in those minutes of pure panic the four of them stayed together.

"The "jolly boys outing" as they called it, was to celebrate Joel finishing his 2nd year at University with high grades and Owen finishing his GCSE’S.

"Their holiday lasted less than 24 hours and their futures and lives ended tragically.

"We would like to say how overwhelmed we are with everyone’s tributes, flowers, cards and generosity. They were pure diamonds and will never be forgotten.

"As a nation we must fight this evil together and smile for Joel, Ade and Pat."