Exclusive Video: Base Jumper in Central Birmingham

Capital has been given exclusive video footage which shows a base jumper landing in Birmingham City Centre.

The incident happened at around 1am on Sunday Morning in the skies above Holloway Head.

The video shows the dark shape of a parachutist coming out of the night sky, before narrowly missing a car as he makes a landing on the road.

It's thought the jumpers had launched from the Sentinel Towers opposite the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Arran Burrows from Stourbridge was on a night out and saw what happened.

He told Heart 'We were coming out of a bar on our way home and the next thing we saw was a guy land with a parachute on the side of the road. We were amazed, you don't expect that on a Sunday night. It was like something from a film.'

'There were 3 jumpers, the last one jumped at an angle right in our view, it was spectacular it really was, but he nearly hit a car when he landed.'