Dudley's Muslim Community Say They've Had "Enough" Of Far Right

24 June 2015, 10:28 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Police van in Dudley during a protest

Members of the Muslim community in Dudley have told council officials and the police they've had enough after more far right protests in the town.

It's after the All Football Fans and Firms Against Islamisation held their first ever protest there just over a week ago.

They say they've got another one planned in September.

At a public meeting last night Chief inspector Phil Dolby, who's in charge of policing the town, said he's writing to the home office about that.

Amjid Raza from Dudley's Central Mosque told Capital more about the views of those who worshiped there.

He said:

"Of course people are concerned and sick and tired of these demonstrations and the time will come when they will actually come out and protest against the far right.

"That will be difficult and they are at the tipping point.

"I feel very saddened and frustrated. Where is this going to end? Where is it going to stop?

"Is it that we are waiting for somebody to be killed then it is going to stop?

"It's unfortunate Dudley has rejected them. Why don't they listen to Dudley voices?"

The meeting's chair Chris Allen says fear amongst people in Dudley is decreasing:

"It shows how strong the people of Dudley are, how strong a community it is, in order to face up to this constant, but I believe ultimately futile protest.

"People of Dudley do want to be heard very loudly that this is enough.

"We are a good community, a strong community. We are a multi-ethnic community, a multi-faith community and we don't want anybody coming along from outside and hurling insults at us."