Birmingham Mum Says Young People Carry Knives For Protection

1 February 2019, 09:58

Joshua Ribera

A Birmingham mum, whose son was stabbed to death, has told Capital, new government laws around knife crime will not work.

Alison Cope now works with young people, often going into schools, to teach teenagers the dangers of carrying a knife. 



Her son, Joshua Ribera, died in 2013 at the age of 18 as he was outside a nightclub in Selly Oak. He'd been attending a fundraising event for 

his friend who'd been murdered in Bartley Green a year before.

On Thursday (31 January), the government announced police are being given new powers to tackle knife crime

Prevention orders will ban people from using social media to stop trouble between gangs.

People as young as 12 could have night-time curfews imposed and be restricted to certain neighbourhoods.