Will.i.am Suggests Dunking Contestants In Water On The Voice UK In Future Series'

18 June 2013, 17:07

The 'This Is Love' rapper says he has a unique solution to the ratings problem the show is facing.

Will.i.am has suggested The Voice UK add in extra drama to the end of each series by allowing contestants to get dunked in water if they don't impress the judging panel.

The 'Scream & Shout' rapper, who has been a vocal coach on the past two series' of the BBC show, made the suggestion after being asked about the show's ratings drop toward the end of each series.

"It needs to be better than it was at the beginning," will.i.am mused to Radio Times this week. "Something like where you could actually dunk them.

"'I don't like 'em' and they're in the water," the rapper suggested. "An exit button and you just catapult them out."

The 'This Is Love' rapper also criticised Universal for waiting a whole year to put out an album by 2012 winner Leanne Mitchell, saying they "waited too long".

"These singers are on television every week, so you've already accomplished things that stars don't accomplish," he explained. "Do you wait a year later?

"Somebody should get slapped because you waited too long," will.i.am added.

Check out a picture of will.i.am promoting his new album '#willpower' below:

The US superstar has been working on new music in recent weeks, despite only putting his new album '#willpower' out recently.

The Voice UK 2013 comes to a close this Saturday 22nd June as finalists Leah McFall, Matt Henry, Andrea Begley and Mike Card compete to be crowned winner.