Will.i.am Reveals His Mum Told Him Off For Donating The Voice UK Fee

17 July 2013, 10:55

The rapper says she didn't understand why he had donated his money to Prince Charles' charity.

Will.i.am says his mum told him off when he revealed his decision to donate his The Voice UK fee to the Prince's Trust.

The 'Scream & Shout' rapper says his mum, Debra Cain, didn't understand who Prince Charles was or why the rapper would want to give up his talent show fee to the royal heir.

"When I did The Voice, I wanted to give away the money I'd made," the rapper revealed to the Daily Star this week. "I called and told my mum I wanted to give it away, and she was like: 'To who?'

"I told her: 'I'm going to give it to Prince Charles', so she asked me, 'Who is Prince Charles?' wil.i.am explained. "I was like, in England mom. The Queen's son!"

"But she just said, 'Are you crazy? What is he going to do with it?'" he continued. "I do what I do to make my mom proud.

"It means more to me than authorities like the police," will.i.am added. "If someone told me the police have visited I'd be like, OK. But if my mom was angry with me, I'd be scared."

Check out a picture of will.i.am at a recent awards show below (Credit: PA):

Earlier this month will.i.am revealed plans to move his record label will.i.am Music Group over to the UK because he feels the country is "fresh".

Will.i.am returned with his new album '#willpower' earlier this year.

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