WATCH: The Vamps Argue Over Who's More Of A Liability On A Night Out

23 May 2019, 09:55

The Vamps joined Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp to play Break the Band, but things soon escalated real quick...

The Vamps swung by to join Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp to chat about their tenth headlining tour, so Roman, Vick Hope and Sonny Jay wanted to test their relationships.

Bradley Simpson, Connor Ball, James McVey and Tristan Evans played Break the Band - which has fractured the likes of Rudimental and Rak-Su's relationships in the past.

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After slamming their manager, Joe, for having the worst dress sense, the 'Somebody To You' hitmakers soon turned on each other, after they were asked who the biggest liability in the band was.

"Tristan and Connor," admitted the entire band, including Tristan and Connor. Things escalated quickly, however, when James was named as the most likely to avoid buying a round of drinks on a night out.

"'Come on the radio', they said," shouted the band's guitarist, before Brad tried rectifying the situation by saying "It's not because you're tight".

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We'd like to take it upon ourselves to apologise to all four members of The Vamps.