Liam Payne Hits Back At Claims About His Girlfriend Maya Henry’s Age: ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Read’

7 November 2019, 10:41 | Updated: 7 November 2019, 11:01

Liam Payne has hit back.
Liam Payne has hit back. Picture: instagram/pa

Liam Payne has set the record straight about how old his girlfriend was when they started dating.

Liam Payne is more loved up than ever with his model girlfriend Maya Henry.

The pair often post loved-up selfies together on their social media platforms and he is more than happy to gush over her in interviews. They’re the sweetest!

However, Liam is not here for rumours that she is 18 years old, not 19 as has been reported (meaning she would have been 17 when they started dating).

The One Direction singer was quick to shut down a Twitter account who made the claims.

The post read: “Every article about Liam’s girlfriend says she’s 19 when she’s actually 18.

“This is intentional because when fabricating this ridiculous PR campaign for her they said that they’ve been together for a year, which would mean that Liam was dating a 17 y/o.

“She’s a senior in HS. [High school].”

Hitting back, Liam replied, saying: “19 don’t believe everything your dad on the internet.”

Fan’s of the ‘Stack It Up’ singer rushed to support their idol and encouraged him to ‘ignore’ the negativity.

One wrote: “They should mind their business. look, your relationships are your privacy and nobody should talk about it unless you give them approval! we love to see how she makes u happy tho!”

Another added: “Just ignore it, you know the truth, it's none of our business love u.”

Liam recently opened up about how ‘happy’ he is with his model girlfriend on Capital Breakfast.

He told Roman Kemp: "We're fairly happy at the moment.

"I'm just past the point of where I'm bothered or not. It's not worth my happiness; I'd just rather go out and do what I want," he continued.

"I've got nothing to hide."

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