Katy Perry Reveals Darker Song Lyrics To New Album Tracks From 'Prism'

23 August 2013, 10:58

The 'Part Of Me' star has teased two new songs from her next record.

Katy Perry has unveiled lyrics to two brand new songs from her album 'Prism' which hint at the darker themes on the record, Katy's third studio offering.

Earlier this week the 'Wide Awake' singer confirmed the titles of two songs, 'Dark Horse' and 'Walking On Air' from new album 'Prism', and unveiled lyrics from the two track on MTV News yesterday (22nd August).

"So you wanna play with Magic Boy, you should know whatcha fallen' for, Baby do you dare do this 'cause I'm coming atcha like a Dark Horse," the lyrics to the former read. "Are you ready for, ready for a perfect storm, perfect storm. 'Cause once you're mine, one you're mine there's no doing back!"

The lyrics to 'Walking On Air' were also posted online, and are rumoured to be about her ongoing romance with US singer-songwriter John Mayer.

"We go higher and higher, I feel like I'm already there," the lyrics read. "I'm walking on air tonight, I'm walking on air, I'm walking, I'm walking on air tonight."

View a picture of Katy Perry out promoting 'Roar' this month below:

Earlier this week John opened up about his own collaboration with Katy on 'Paradise Valley' album track 'Who You Love', promising fans the song is more of a "confessional" rather than a gimmick.

Katy Perry is set to return with her new album 'Prism' in October.